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We want to share one of our favorite articles covering Arnold in his prime and what methods he used to achieve a physique still iconic to this day.

A lot of people ask what to do to improve their body and have and issue finding quality sources.  Well here is one that you can definitely use whether you’re a bodybuilder or not.  There is plenty to learn from this including:

  • What type of set to do
  • What type of exercise to do
  • Variations in exercises
  • Basic muscle mass routines

It is important to note building a better physique takes time so do not be discouraged if it is taking a while. Oftentimes there will be an overall improvement in overall health function with a better physique.

Furthermore, carrying more muscle mass in general allows your body to burn additional fat by default. Women are oftentimes concerned about putting on too much muscle with bodybuilding-type regimens.  This is not much of a concern because adding muscle mass generally causes an overall improvement in physique and natural fat loss. As long as you’re all natural, it would take a significant amount of muscle training for the average woman to have what many would consider “too much” muscle.  Therefore integrating weight training is generally a good idea for most women.

Men many times over-do the training methods and burn out too quickly or sustain an injury – it is important to note, rest is crucial for muscle growth (muscle is developed through recovery), and most people can get outstanding results with 3-4 days of training per week.  This guide features one of the most iconic and dedicated bodybuilders of all time; rest and diet were definitely prioritized in order to achieve maximum bodybuilding results.

Expanding further on diet, although this article doesn’t cover diet specifically, it is important to note gaining a quality physique is not possible with an out of control diet.  We encourage you to look into areas for dietary improvement such as:

  • Keto
  • Carnivore
  • Macros (carb/fat/protein ratios)

With this simple strategy, you can enjoy foods and activities you like while fitting it into a larger strength training and exercise plan you can trust for an improvement in your physique.

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