3 11, 2016

This product only burns fat? No muscle break down?

2016-11-03T20:55:17+00:00 By |

Yes, Green tea leaf extract is a metabolism boosting extract, it is primarily a natural weight management extract and doesn't increase muscle breakdown.  Preventing muscle breakdown is primarily going to come from the right protein, diet & carb intake.

3 11, 2016

Is this a pre-workout?

2016-11-03T20:45:54+00:00 By |

Nitric Oxide is most beneficial prior to exercise, recommended to be taken pre-workout.  This isn't your traditional pre-workout formula with all the stimulants, this is a pump-only formula for better vasodilation & lean muscle mass.

3 11, 2016

Will this help you gain weight?

2016-11-03T20:43:31+00:00 By |

Weight gain results primarily from changes in diet.  Nitric Oxide adds lean muscle mass by allowing for harder reps / muscle breakdown while weight training.  Diet is necessary as a recovery agent along with sufficient protein / carb / fat intake.

3 11, 2016

How does this work exactly?

2016-11-03T20:39:29+00:00 By |

Acetyl l-carnitine is the primary ingredient in Carnitine 1500 which helps transport long-chain fatty acids within the body. This promotes overall health & may provide certain benefits for energy, recovery & metabolism.  For more Carnitine 1500 ingredient information, see our product listing.

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