//Fundamentals by Vitamorph® Labs

Fundamentals by Vitamorph® Labs

Better bodies & healthier minds are achieved not only through supplements, but also through proper exercise & diet.

Here are 2 great tips that you can implement today to begin losing more fat:

  1. Eat less carbs late at night.
  2. When consuming carbs: consume low glycemic & high fibrous carbohydrates. (steamed vegetables, sweet potatoes, brown rice, wheat pasta, etc.)

Would you like to start gaining muscle mass like a pro?

The first thing any great personal trainer will do will tell you to look at yourself first. Because that’s who you’re dealing with. Don’t try to be like anybody else, because they don’t have your body, and you don’t have theirs. It’s great to be motivated by a role model, but for true results, learn more about your body type first.

Read More Here – To learn about what type of body you have, and what exercise, diet, or supplement best suits you.

The general rule of thumb to gain muscle mass is to consume 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight you have. And have a Protein/Carb/Fat ratio of somewhere around 40%/40%/20% respectively. Start with a personal trainer & professional opinion

The healthiest people & top athletes have one thing in common. That’s great coaching & a game plan. Get a professional opinion at your local gym for what works best for you. We recommend this to all customers who want to see the best results for their body. Even if you are an average person going to the gym, you will surely benefit from being on the right track to start off with!

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